Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday with Stephen

This Sunday morning was fairly smooth, however it did bring back memories of how hard things used to be. His high pitched "squeals" woke us up at about 7am and Stephen had a pants load, which Debbie and I quickly changed. Balloon playing, some swinging with Mom and some TV followed for the next couple of hours.

At about 9:45am, we gave him a bath. At first he was hesitant to get into the bath, but once he got in, he was fine. He has been taking showers at the group home and before that at Oconomowoc. He did attempt to gag himself a couple of times after the bath. I wonder what it is about the bath that makes him want to purge? An interesting question. He also had 3 BM's which kept us busy changing pants and cleaning underwear.

While having a pre-brunch snack with Stephen at the kitchen table, Stephen was requesting drink with a communication board. (How cool is that?) He seems to be slightly sharper at discrimmination tasks that he used to be two years ago. (He's also grown 4-5 inches since his last time at home.) The school and the group home have been very professional in their understanding of the importance of communication discrimmination. We hope the trend continues.

We spent about an hour and a half on a walk and at the park. Debbie and I got some very nice pictures of Stephen which we will share on this blog sometime soon. I also was able to read Stephen several stories which he loves. Dr. Suess is a favorite of ours.

Now to the politics of autism. There are still those who are concerned about vaccines and autism. Here is an earlier interview with Bobby Kennedy Jr. who presents some evidence against Thimerisol.

or how about this one on Youtube?

This video is from a parent of an autistic child:

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