Friday, October 24, 2008

More Thoughts About Last Weekend

Debbie and I are still talking about the weekend of togetherness we experienced with our now 12 year-old special needs son Stephen.

One memory that was painful, though, was when we dropped him off at the group home on Sunday night. Tears came down as we said "Bye Bye." That was tough because we were reminded of the connection he feels with us, and the impossibility of him coming back home right now. He definitely knows who Mommy and Daddy are. According to the group home, he was teary eyed for a little bit then got redirected into another activity. Even though there is a vague awareness of Mom and Dad, the awarness is what counts. We are happy and thankful for that. This Thanksgiving we will give thanks for two healthy and happy boys who we love very much :)


Red said...

My son too is autistic. He however is in the classification of high functioning.

But that, to me, is an oxymoron. He can hold on a decent enough conversation, and so much so that many adults have no idea he is autistic. However, his peers see him coming a mile away. He lacks the social graces that we take for granted. But trust me that I am constantly reminding him to do certain things that will tip people off.

He is polite to a fault. That being gullible. I can see him being taken. And if not for the good people in the world, he would have been taken a while ago, or for the fact that mom is hovering over his shoulder making sure he pays attention and all those others things that he will need to function in the real world with.

He still cannot focus very long, that is why he does not want to drive. He know the concentration it takes to drive and he does not have that...and may never.

He did not however qualify for government assistance. So he stuck, he has to be driven to work, for our small towns public transportation system is pretty lousy. So depending on them for a ride would have him sitting at the pickup point longer than I would like. He is a sitting target...I don't think so.

My in-laws are wonderful enough to take him to work when I or my husband are unable, but they will not be here forever or may one day be physically unable to do that task. Then what.

Is the government going to pay me to stay home so I can drive him to work? Will they give him transportation allowance? I do not understand our system. I don't give a rats backside about getting help for me, but my son. He did not ask for this.

My soapbox is getting a dent in it. Sorry this got so long. Thanks for listening.

questionsaboutfaithetc said...


Good luck with your challenges. But, feel lucky everyday that your son can talk, can interact at a certain level, can understand love.

My son is only at a one year old cognitive level and that is very tough. He has no language. Feel lucky you have more functionality going on.

Check out James Williams website that I have posted in my favorite sites area. He has aspergers and gives talks around the USA. Quite a brilliant kid.

Tell me more about your son.