Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Mike's Request

My friend Mike is going through some grief due to the loss of his 40 year-old sister Randi. I have had tearful conversations with Mike as he told me how much Randi meant to him. He also has made a unique request, to tell him about my feelings of grief when Stephen first left our home and into an institution 18 months ago. He is curious how our family got through it. It wasn't easy at all. It was sort of like a death in the family.

I guess my biggest advice to Mike would be to think positively and feel lucky for all the good times you had with this individual. I want him to have hope that he can hold Randi close to his heart and that will strengthen him. I hold Stephen close to my heart when he is away and it is powerful. The love I have for my son can get me through the toughest days. I can hear his laugh, I can picture his smile and I can feel the positive vibes of his soul very close to my soul. That is strong and it is lasting and it is very very human. I would encourage my friend Mike to tune into that, write guitar songs about it and feel lucky every day that he knew Randi's smile and her beautiful presence.

BTW...Mike has started to write a song about Randi. This is a very intelligent way, I think, of aiding the healing process in a very creative manner. I find that music can be such an inspirational healing mechanism. Try it sometime. It works!

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Maddy said...

Sadly I have no advice. However, I also know a couple of bloggers who have had to cope with similar issues [Susan Senator and Casdok - Mother of Shrek]

I also think that composing a song is probably one of the best ways of self expression that can also speak to others on an entirely different plane.